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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
First off note that I'm starting this blog after we actually have started our adoption process. But I did want to give a little history about how we got here. First the earth cooled, then the water vapor pooled together into oceans...okay, maybe that's a bit too far back to start.

How about this? My beloved wife Stefanie and I have wanted to have children since even before we were married which remarkably is over 13 years ago (remarkable because she actually has stayed with me that long without going insane). And once we felt we were set (financially, emotionally, etc.) and ready for a family we starting trying to conceive, as often as possible (practice makes perfect you know).

Well in just wasn't in the cards. And after a few years we went ahead and did all the medical tests and sure enough we had some fertility issues. We discussed all the high tech (actually I guess those are bio tech) procedures out there and we really felt those were just not "us". I should also point out that Stefanie herself is adopted and so for us it was more of a natural decision to go the route of adoption. But the landscape for domestic adoption is not what it was when my in-laws were lucky enough to bring home Stef.

So after all the issues, all the options, all the discussions (on all the issues and options in every possible matrix you can imagine) we navigated our way to starting our family through international adoption. And this blog is a record of that adventure and a record specifically from my, a father's, point of view. There were of course many factors in our choice and too many to list in a blog, but ultimately we made the decision on international adoption from Russia.

As you'll undoubtedly read over the next several months (and hopefully it's not going to be years) both Stef and I tend to do a lot of analysis before we make decisions. It's my hope the information and experiences we encounter will be informative and useful to others who may be following the same path or are currently thinking about international adoption. And that the perspective, being from my point of view, will be of assistance to other "soon-to-be-dad's" out there.
posted by Steveg @ 11:41 AM  
  • At 11:08 PM, Blogger mother said…

    I am glad you have started the blog. It will keep us posted on your progress. Naturally I am very excited you will be starting your family. Actually, as you may know, not only do I think it will be wonderful for you and the lucky child, but I have been hoping to become a grandmother.
    Taking Russian is a big project and I think a good one. Later it may help you in business if you ever lean that way.
    I finally got a chance to use the computer, Jack has been on his project to find a suitable 1031 exchange and has finally signed up on one today after a few months research.
    Keep us posted.
    Love, Mother

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I'm Steve and this is my wife Stefanie. This is our story, mostly seen through my eyes, of the journey to create our family by adopting a child from Russia.

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