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There's No Place Like Home-Study
Thursday, June 08, 2006
We had our final visit from our social worker today. It went really really well. I know I keep saying this, but I just feel very comfortable talking with her. Oh and by the way, I haven't mentioned the home-study agency or our social worker by name because I haven't asked them about listed that stuff in my blog and I'm a big proponent on privacy rights. Okay so I'm also just being careful. But if anyone lives in the Bay Area in California and is looking at adoption and wants some recommendations, please feel free to contact me.

And now we return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast. Okay so like I was mentioning everything went quite well today. We have a couple of items left to give her before she can write up our home-study report but she basically gave us the thumps up which was a huge relief because I was really stressing out about it.

The main reason I was freaking so much is that I retired at the age of 39. Our friends and family know the history but for those of you who do not know us intimately, the story goes like this. I've never had much of a love of working in Corporate America. Although I had a pretty darn successful career working for some great high tech companies, I just didn't like all the office politics and felt that upper management in nearly all US corporations are far more interested in their own self interests than in the interests of the share holders (who are of course the actual owners of the company) much less the employees.

Both Stef and I are very big savers and, putting modesty aside, fairly good investors (which by the way is what I really enjoy doing). So we created a 10 year plan in which we saved as much as we could while investing wisely and low and behold I was able to retire at 39. Anyway, I was just a little worried because it is not common for the husband to be the stay-at-home parent. I think I'll still be worried about this, probably even more so, when we are before a judge in Russia.
posted by Steveg @ 6:41 PM  
  • At 12:14 PM, Blogger mother said…

    Of course the home visit went well, not very many Russian children get to live in a beautiful home like you have. Probably the adoption lady would like for you to adopt her too! I try to read your updates every few days. Also I read some of the ones you post on your site.
    Love, Mother

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