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So what's the latest rumor on accreditation
Friday, November 03, 2006
I thought I'd just summarize some of the current rumors for when Government Decision 268 will be complete. Again, 268 is basically the rules the adoption agencies need to follow to get accredited in Russia. As I've mention before, the reason 268 needed to be changed in the first place was due to the new NGO requirement (for more info on the NGO thing take a look back at my posts in July and August).

So here's some of the rumors currently flying around the forums and my personal take.

1) Several ministries had signed off on 268 and that the MOE was waiting for it to be delivered.

I doubt it. This one has been out on the forums for almost two weeks. Not even our own postal service is that slow. Not to mention there isn't any information about the need for other ministries to sign a decree.

2) Everyone that needed to sign it has done that except for two ministers who had resigned their positions at the MOE and we have to wait until their replacements are hired.

This one just doesn't hold any water. First if there were two high ranking officials that resigned at the same time, that would be big news. It should be all over the Russian news websites and there's not been a peep about this anywhere.

3) Everyone has signed it and it's just awaiting the prime minister's signature.

This one is actually possible since the prime minister's or president's signature is required on decrees (since decrees come from the executive branch). Not to mention that he probably has a lot more important things to do than help out a bunch of Americans who want to adoption Russian children.

4) That the reason for waiting for the 268 was that someone whose signiture is required was very ill, but that this person is now back at work. So 268 should be done soon.

Yep, this one speaks for itself. Also it goes to show that on most of these forums everyone gets so excited about every little comment when some of these are just too illogical to be possible.

However, all of these (and others not mentioned here) point to something happening over the next several weeks. And I think this is actually plausible. Based on how long it took for the NGO process to get going, it is possible that 268 and accreditation both could happen this month although a more likely scenario is they both get done before the end of the year (with the worst case being they stretch on till February).

I should point out I don't actually read the forums anymore and got this info from Stef who still checks them out now and then. If you're new to the process I highly recommend checking them out since they can provide some good information for you to get up to speed, but after awhile they tend to have the same folks going on and on about the same subjects. And some of these people adopted like 5 years ago or more! Russian adoption is like buying a new iPod. The minute you open the box it's already replaced by a new even smaller model.

For me, I suspect that when our adoption process ends so too will this blog. At that point, I'll have to spend most of my time just learning how to be a good parent. And as I said, the landscape of international adoption changes just so fast. Hopefully this blog will become an interesting story to read even if the information about adopting from Russia becomes a little outdated.
posted by Steveg @ 2:05 PM  
  • At 4:05 PM, Blogger mother said…

    I especially like your calm attitude ie:it will happen and on their time, not ours. So just relax.
    Even though I usually check every day to see what is going on with you, I have been especially busy this week and haven't checked in until today. Thus I did not see the blog referring to my last comments. I always knew you were smart, after all you married my daughter! I just didn't know you were THAT exceptional.
    Remember that new down coat Stef bought. Let's hope it doesn't take until next May, I'm sure she wants to get to use it.
    Love, Mother

  • At 7:51 PM, Blogger Lauren&Marco said…

    the day we are home is the day the blog ENDS!!!

  • At 9:20 PM, Blogger MMrussianadoption said…

    I really hope 268 goes into affect. I have this bad feeling that our accred. will lapse in Jan before we can bring them home. Fingers crossed.

  • At 12:57 AM, Blogger Jim said…

    Ahhh. I was wondering where you'd gone. I'm still trying to keep people factually-oriented about the reaccreditation/268 thing on the FRUA forum and I miss your support and cogent commentary. But I'm glad Yorkiemom keeps checking in.

    By the way, I don't buy any of the rumors either. I think the Government will sign 268 when they're good and ready, and not a moment sooner. Many agencies will tell their clients what they want to hear. Glad you picked one that doesn't do that.

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