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Hand made blankets
Thursday, July 05, 2007
Debbie whose adoption blog you can get to here has a very cool hobby/side business that I just had to give a plug to.

She makes these very beautiful hand made blankets (just click on this picture to go to her blanket site).


Also quite cool is that you can just make donations if you want. With the very high expense of international adoption a lot of families have to devote a significant portion of their savings or income just to bring a child home. It's clever that Debbie has set up this donation thing, very cool concept.

What's even cooler is that whenever you buy a blanket she'll donate one as well!!! Okay, that's awesome.

Stef and I have to get one of these but it may take us some time to figure out what we really want, customized wise.

It's actually sort of strange. We live in an extremely complex world where mass production and commercialization is the norm. So when you find things that are handmade you are almost always amazed at the craftsmanship, the quality, and really the superiority of the products people have created versus the often low end stuff you pay twice the price for at some department store or mass retailer.

Along the way to the benefits of economies of scale we've somehow landed into the world of product mediocrity.


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