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So how do you really feel Steve?
Tuesday, March 27, 2007
I'm not really posting much these days because, well, nothing exciting is going on. We're still waiting for the MOE to get their act together and provide accreditations to the plethora of agencies waiting.

I'm getting so annoyed at this wait, which quite frankly is hurting the approximately 10,000 or so children far more than the prospective parents. That number by the way is just a swag for the numbers that are adopted internationally each year from Russia (not just to the U.S.). I know we'd feel much worse if we already had a referral and thus a connection to a real human being. As it stands now the feelings are more anger than sadness. But then again I'm stunned that normally rational people think that war is a good solution for creating a safe and peaceful planet. So my feelings tend to run shall we say passionately for a host of topics.

And because of this incredibly strong pissed-off feeling I have right now, I'm not really in the mood to either think about or talk about adoptions. Don't worry, it's not a big deal. I often turn away from things that I find are beyond asinine. Better that then absorbing stress over it.

On a more favorable note, I'm working on a small project in the house to close off a den/bedroom on our first floor. It's actually an office/den right now since it has no door but it does have its own bathroom. Hence the remodeling project: putting in doors. This will enable us to make it the guest room and then turn the current guest room (which is next to Lil' G's room) into Stef's office. A much better situation for our guests (not having to be right next to a toddler's room) and for Stef on those days she works from home.

For those who are interested, the doors are now in and I've completed some casework (really just molding) since the rough opening was actually quite large. Much larger than a normal door opening. Next step is the final molding around jamb and then a nice paint job and low and behold we'll have a five bedroom house for the currently residing two occupants. Yea, that makes sense. Well, at least we'll be prepared for housing relatives during the holidays. And yes, we WILL have this holiday season as a complete family. Oops getting testy again, better just sign off.
posted by Steveg @ 4:54 PM  
  • At 10:13 PM, Blogger mother said…

    Yes it is frustrating, those children need homes, and we need a child in our family. Let's keep positive thoughts and say a prayer that it happens soon.
    Love, Mother

  • At 4:43 AM, Anonymous adoptedthree said…

    You will need to post some pics on your remodel updates. Luckily it will be keeping you busy!

  • At 1:11 PM, Blogger Cristina Warner said…

    Hey Steve -

    You should be pissed. I'm pissed for everyone caught in this mess. Take a break from this guys, it will really wear you down. What are you doing the garden these days? Are you guys going on any little jaunts this year?

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