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New Year some new stuff
Wednesday, January 02, 2008
Well it's a new year and we're working on some new things for Andrei. It actually started on New Year's Eve (or more precisely the day). We had our friend Gillian over with her two boys, J who is 5 and R who is 2 1/2. It was very cool because it was Andrei's first taste of kids outside of his orphanage experience.

He was a bit gun-shy at first but eventually got into the swing of a playing and even though the other boys were older he had a good time. Of course he doesn't understand sharing yet (or even playing with others), but because they were older he did a bit more watching at first. Of course the one activity that all the boys enjoyed was the Mac and Cheese lunch!

But first, the thing everyone has been waiting for, the news that CNN, CBS, NBC, and others have pulled their top reporters from Iowa and sent them to our house to hear about, yes it's Andrei's stool sample results.

We sort of knew he was going to have giardia and sure enough he does. Not really a big issue for us since we did all the investigation about this parasite before and knew it was both very common throughout Russia and very easy to cure. So we're picking up his prescription tomorrow and after just a couple of days he should be all cleared of his unwanted guests.
posted by Steveg @ 10:55 PM  
  • At 9:20 AM, Blogger Jenni said…

    Ugh! Both my kids had giardia too. It is easy to treat, as long as Andrei doesn't spit out the medicine like Vika did.

    It's good that you caught it early. I knew one woman, who for some reason was not educated about giardia, and caught it from her daughter (adopted from China). Being a huge germophobe, it completely freaked her out! You'd think an alien was going to pop out of her stomach, the way she was carrying on.

    I'll admit to having more than one moment of amusement at her expense.

    Fortunately, she and her daughter were both cleared of the parasites easily enough.

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