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Thursday, October 04, 2007
Well I've started the process of Baby-proofing the house. Actually we're going to limit his access to the house with baby gates and then baby-proof the rooms he'll be able to run around in. We had gone to a class that our home-study agency gave and listened to a couple who just got back a couple of months ago (from Guatemala) and they basically were describing their house which sounded like ours (a lot of square footage, a lot of rooms, etc. etc.) and that it made more sense to use baby gates to cut down on access. And since we have at least 4 electric outlets in each of our 5 bedrooms in the house, not to mention in the kitchen we have 20 cabinet doors and 28 drawers (and yes those are just at floor level, I'm not including the ones above the countertop) we've decided that limiting the area he can roam in is a darn good solution.

The wild thing is all the different types of products that are available for baby-proofing. The situation I'm most concerned about is really electricity. Dangerous chemicals and the like we're planning on relocating out of reach and then just using the cabinet locks for drawers and things that we just don't want him to rummage around in. I'm also currently working on getting a wrought iron fence and gate built in our backyard that will separate off the pool area.

But for the inside I just made a little list of each of the rooms and listed down those "areas of concern" i.e., electricity, chemicals, breakable objects, etc. and then for each room made a separate list of all the details that needed to be addressed. I've just begun to order the stuff I need and will over the next week discuss some of the things I've bought and why I picked them. However, I think just looking at all the different kinds of stuff out there, it's obvious that there really isn't one best product to do the job and instead, like so many other things, different products that meet different people's needs.
posted by Steveg @ 9:36 AM  
  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger Lake said…

    Wow, you are really getting organized! Since he can already walk, he will be looking, and running around the minute he gets home so you need to be prepared. Good thinking.
    Love, Mother and granmama.

  • At 12:15 PM, Blogger Nancy said…

    Hi Mom of five here, with one of those a princess adopted from Russia. I thought I'd pass on a tip that isn't mentioned that often in baby proofing. The doorstops that are all through houses many times are a spring with a white piece of rubber on the end. Kids are attracted o that piece of rubber like a magnet and pull it off and put it in their mouths. Thy sell replacement doorstops that are all one piece and plastic that solve that in an instant.you can get the from One step ahead dot com) Just a tip that has worked well for us. Hope you get to bring little"A" home soon!

  • At 5:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just dropped in on your blog as a link from Ryan and Katie. They have actually talked to us about you in the past as one of their new adoption buddies. I am planning on being one of Zac's new Grandmas and thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers for our family and for Zac. What a great little guy - we are eager to have him home. And we wish the best for you and your family. You are obviously among those amazing people in this world who reach out to others and share God's love and message through your choices - one of those being adoption. We will continue to check in on you and your adoption. Good luck with your "baby proofing" projects (it is actually a never-ending job.)

  • At 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ah, babyproofing. I thought I was all babyproofed when I brought home my toddling son from Russia. Who knew they eat Kleenex tissues? They can find more ways to choke and/or impale themselves than all of humanity in all of history ever could anticipate. Best of luck to you.

  • At 3:55 PM, Blogger Debbie said…

    You are very organized and it sounds like you are looking forward to baby proofing. Have fun!

    I'm interested to see what outlet cover you picked. There are so many like you said. I've seen some that look like they'd be super easy but most likely will be hard to use.

    One tip I received for the kitchen was to have one cabinet with tupperware or whatever that he can play with so if he's in there with you while you're cooking or something he can occupy himself with that cabinet. Of course with so many other cabinets to lock not sure that would be helpful for you.

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