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Friday, January 26, 2007
I've spoken often about how lucky we are that we have a number of friends who have just recently adopted internationally. Well, one of our friends (who got back a little over a year ago from Russia) have just started working on going back for kid #2. Of course a lot of families do that and I think it really shows that although the process can be a little nerve-racking the results are more than worth it.

Anyway, mom is Cristina (yea I know, it'd be a little silly if that was dad's name) and she has started a blog for her second journey and you can check out her progress here: http://miraclesdohappen-cristina.blogspot.com/.

As far as my blog. I'm just about done with the makeover. It's taken awhile because I first wanted to use some of the cool blog templates in iWeb (a very cool webpage designing tool that comes bundled with every Mac). But the blog templates were just too hard to force fit into the Blogger service (I now see why a lot of people are using other online services for their blogs). I eventually just Googled for free blog templates and found something that I could work with (aka hack).

I should point out that hacking is not really a bad thing. Most people not associated with high tech think of hackers as these evil teenagers breaking into the CIA computer systems or company's websites. But actually hacking is not an evil thing by itself. Think of it more like the differences in companies, let's say the news industry. There are some that are good (like CNN) and there are some evil (like paparazzi) or just plain worthless (i.e., National Enquirer).

Hacking is the same way. As my most favorite website, Wikipedia, says a hacker is someone who modifies electronics to get extra functionality or performance.

So my new blog template is not meant as dissing the guy who made the original template but instead my freedom of expression in taking what I liked, augmenting it, adding to it, and making it better while still giving the originator credit for his work (which I do).
posted by Steveg @ 4:39 PM  
  • At 7:45 PM, Blogger MMrussianadoption said…

    whatever helps you face yourself in the mirror. lol. i think everyone hacks a little.

  • At 10:22 PM, Blogger Steveg said…

    Too true.

    I guess I was trying to tell people who hear the word "Hacker" and think all hackers are criminals. When in fact hacking itself isn't bad, it's just what you do with the hack (i.e., make some cool improvement or do something bad with it).

  • At 5:20 PM, Blogger mother said…

    I like your new blog page. I laughed at your diaper story. As far as diapering I am sure you will do just fine, although back in the old days when we had to use pins it was a different story. Every wiggling kid got stuck at least once.
    Love, Mother

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