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The Great Snowsuit Swap
Tuesday, July 10, 2007
So there has been quite a bit of support for a easy website that will allow people to provide snowsuits (hand-me-downs, donations, "take it we're never going to use in living in the Mojave Desert", whatever you want to call it). In fact someone on FRUA suggested even using it for other things that people might want to donate to adoptive families (like adapters/converters, if you don't do much international travel this is something you may also find as a "man, I had to get one of these for just one use" things).

But let's first get the snowsuit part of this going. It'll probably just take me a week to get something up and running. I just want to make sure it is something that is totally painless for the donators (after all they are doing people a big favor) and also easy for the donatees to get something that they will in fact be able to use when bringing home their little one(s).

There are just a few little things I need to wrap my head around. Things like security/privacy, for example I want to make sure the donatees are actually adopting parents who will (I hope) in turn donate the snowsuit when they're done with it.

So again if you're interested in participating please feel free to email me or just keep watching this site or the FRUA forums for updates (I'll probably have Stef post it on the other forums she belongs to as well).

See, Russia is a funny place

Here's a fairly humorous site created by a clever student from a design school in Moscow. I got this link from Andrei. Who is Andrei you ask. He is a highly regarded travel agent located in Russia who specializes in services for adopting parents.

We haven't yet used him of course (remember we haven't done trip #1 yet), however everyone and I mean everyone that has highly recommends him. He provides the usual travel stuff (hotels, air, etc.) but also has key things you may wish to rent (cellphones, computers, etc.). And from what I've heard (haven't checked myself thou) his rates are very good. But everybody does seem to rave about him. In fact, our friends tell this story (the ones with the little girl that I posted about). They had an extremely early flight and there weren't any drivers available, so Andrei zips over to their hotel at some ungodly hour and drives them himself to the airport. Now that's service.

Anyway here's the link for that very humorous site. A special hint: click on the little icons on the bottom of the page.

posted by Steveg @ 10:58 AM  
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The Great Snowsuit Swap
Donate your old snowsuits or other one time use items to other adoptive parents at:
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