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Diaper bag...check
Wednesday, August 15, 2007
We pulled the trigger on getting a couple of diaper bags. I bought mine first and (obviously out of jealously) Stef bought one. I ended up going with the Diaper Dude bag. Originally I didn't want to spend that much but after going back and forth for literally months, I realized that it was the best bag for me. I had to have a bag that did not look like a diaper bag and yet have tons of pockets and useful features.

The clincher was when I just recently replaced my camera bag. I had bought a smaller one that had lots of little pockets and such but was just too small for both a digital camera and a camcorder (and the wires, tapes, etc.). So that really made an impression on me for the need for a diaper bag that could hold everything I potentially will need to hold. When I first wrote about which diaper bag to get there were a ton of comments and as most of the people had recommended, I would need a larger bag than what I first thought. And dealing with my camera bag I realized they were right.

I've been fiddling with it and I do like it. I hate backpacks as I had previously mention but this bag has some of the benefits that a backpack provides. It's carried over the chest so you don't need to hang onto it. And as some folks had said, that's a tough task when also holding onto a squirming baby. And it does seem to be made very well, in some cases much better than some of the lower priced bags I had been looking at. So overall I'm pretty happy with it. Of course the big test is yet to come.

Update: Stef's bag got here today. To answer Debbie comment, she ended up just getting a low end one from Target. I think she was trying to shy away from some of the more expensive ones after she showed me the Burberry bag for $500 and I said..."Ok, but you'll have to tell the kid why he was only able to get a lump of coal for Christmas."

Actually she said she just wanted to get a cheap one to see what she really needed in a diaper bag and wanted to experiment with something that was under $30. Since the Kate Spade ones go for $200+, I was needless to say pleased she's trying this one out first. And of course I'm secretly praying that she ends up liking it and only needing this one.
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